Welcome to the official website of the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club. Our membership is made up of men and women in their 20’s – 30’s. 

Our Goal is:

Improve the quality of life for children in the Carson Valley through fundraising and hands-on events while developing personal leadership skills. We highly encourage having fun in the process!

Active 20-30 Club provides its club members with an opportunity for personal growth, friendship and leadership development while improving the lives for special needs children in the community.

Active 20-30 draws members from all professions and is open to everyone within the age qualifications. Our club differs from many other service organizations. Not only do we raise money for underprivileged children, but we also insist on “active” interaction by each member. This active participation serves to solidify relationships with those we serve, creates a strong bond among the membership, and produces a high degree of personal satisfaction.

If you are interested in joining the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club, contact the Board of Directors.


“Youth, to be served, must serve.”


“A man never stands so tall, as when he kneels to help a child”

OUR Mission Statement

The Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club #85 objective is to serve the community by providing services to the underprivileged youth in the Carson Valley and Carson region while building lasting friendships among its membership and developing leadership skills. All Active 20-30 Clubs focus their efforts on special needs children within the community and supporting families who are in need.

Carson Valley #85 History

The Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club #85 was founded in 1932, chartered here in Carson Valley in 1934.

The club has held it’s meetings in the Old Gardnerville Jailhouse for over 40 years now. Meetings are held every Wednesday night at 7pm. Guest visitor and Speakers are welcome any time. The building is listed on National Registry of Historic Places in Nevada. We have the privilege to help restore and maintain the building to keep its heritage alive.

Members of the Carson Valley Club donate thousands of hours every year in order to help raise money for children’s charities, local scholarships, and fundraisers.

Many influential residents of the Carson Valley community have served as members of the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club. We take pride in filling their shoes continuing the traditions and legacy they all left behind.